What’s the global value of affiliate marketing?

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The fragmented nature of affiliate marketing means there is no definitive ‘big number’ representing the size of the channel.

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However advertisers are increasingly launching programmes in more and more countries and trying to scope the size of the opportunity. With that in mind, what does the available information tell us about the scale of the global affiliate industry?

Using available data, what could the worldwide value of affiliate marketing be?

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion pound business and advertisers are increasingly viewing it as a platform to grow internationally. Inevitably they will be challenged to demonstrate what the financial opportunity is outside of their own borders.

With the world split between emerging and established digital markets as well as consumers in those territories accessing retailers’ websites through a variety of devices not to mention the difference in local publisher models, how easy is it to quantify the potential of affiliate marketing?

Here we’ll take a look at the empirical information available and try to quantify the scope for affiliate marketers looking to explore the global scope of performance based channels.