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ESI Media is home of the Evening Standard and The Independent. Awarded Media Week’s Brand of the Year, it has a cross-platform UK reach of 23.6m adults.

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The Evening Standard newspaper is read by over 1.6m people every day and the Independent is visited by over 70m global unique browsers a month. 

How does the platform work?

ESI Media have three websites which make up their affiliate marketing portfolio on the Awin network; The IndependentEvening Standard and Homes and Property. Working on a pure-CPA basis via text links in relevant content, if ESI Media mention a brand or product within an article, they will link to more information or options to buy the product.

Non-pure-CPA options such as sponsored content, display and solus can provide guaranteed and immediate exposure, whilst sponsored content is one of the most popular options for brand budgets below £10k and usually generates around 6,000 visits in the first two to three months.

Covering a diverse range of topics and sectors within their content, ESI Media can work with most brands and receive worldwide traffic for those looking to grow their global affiliate marketing offering.  Alongside this, they have recently launched two voucher and deals sections for The Independent and Evening Standard (run on separate affiliate IDs).  For brands looking to feature within these sections, having exclusive codes can help speed up the integration process.

 What else do brands need to know?

In order to work on a pure-CPA basis, brands are encouraged to make content or product suggestions and highlight content that would be most relevant, whereas non-pure-CPA can be best if brands want exposure right away.  ESI Media work closely with their partners so that brands understand what they do to drive traffic as well as potentially diversifying to cover their product range as best as possible.  At the same time, brands can educate ESI Media on their product offering and why they offer a good user experience. 

ESI Media drive further exposure for brands but mainly operate as a long-term focused affiliate, meaning long-term CPA increases and tiered CPA structures can work best.

For more information or to start working with ESI Media, please contact our Publisher Services Team


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