What does Awin do to protect your brand?

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A dedicated NetWorkWatch team is present at the Berlin headquarters. These six employees are in charge of various fraud checks to ensure quality. The team is responsible for monitoring all tools and activities within the network and remove all problematic activity. In addition, these tools are constantly enhanced so our advertisers are protected against problematic activities.


Fraude prevention

By following the next steps you will get an idea of what exactly we do to protect your brand.

Publisher Checks

  • Daily Fraud Scoring

Our team checks all new registered accounts and changed ad spaces daily. Tools and reports that assign scores to common and indicative activities and data support this. This score is responsible for about 80% of all cases that are found and investigated.

  • First Transaction Check

After a publisher has made a first transaction, additional data is available to review. Hence, after the first transaction, the team does a check on all available information. Among other things, they look at whether there is a match between the customer location and the publisher. Including, of course, the location of the advertisers.

  • First Payout Check

When the first payout occurs, we have additional information like conversion rates and types of programs and other programs that the publisher promotes. Therefore, a checked is carried out for typical signals of problematic activities (e.g., click activities) before the first payment is actually executed.

  • Bank Information Monitoring

The last step before a publisher receives a payout is to double check the bank information they provided on location, IBAN, BIC and whether the VAT number matches the company name. Any problem may result in the payment being suspended until this is resolved.

Other brand protection

  • Brand Monitoring

Awin uses Brandverity to provide brand protection. Based on keywords, brandbidding and adhijacking are being monitored daily and any findings are proactively investigated and prosecuted.

 fraude prevention

NetWorkWatch in numbers

  • Proactivity score

95% of all investigations within the network are started without external reports. We do not rely on advertisers to find problematic activities, but proactively investigate and resolve these activities.

  • Prevention Score

Over 80% of all cases are identified and removed before the first payment has been made. In most cases problems are thus identified before money is actually lost, often even before a transaction is generated.

  • Detection

As we track billions of transactions and hundreds of thousands of billions annually, about 5,000 problematic bills are being investigated annually.

  • Dedication

Where many networks view compliance and fraud management as one of the tasks of publishers and account managers, Awin constantly has a team with over 40 years of experience protecting the advertiser brand. In order to ensure impartiality in all investigations, this team reports directly to the board and operates independently of sales incentives and sales structures.