L'environnement de travail Awin

Bonna van Ooijen

Get to know our intern Bonna van Ooijen, Account Coordinator at the Retail & Shopping team during this short but delightful interview.

How did you end up at Awin and what attracted you to this company ?

First of all, I started thinking about an internship to set a foundation for my career in year four of my Media, Information & Communication study programme at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. I chose two areas of study that interested me the most: online marketing and fashion (websites). When I found out that a friend of mine was working as an Account Manager at Awin in the Retail & Shopping department, I got very curious! She told me she had a number of fashion advertisers as customers, and that she was responsible for managing their affiliate programs. She said working at Awin was a lot of fun, and that the atmosphere was very cozy. Helping your customers to the best of your ability gets rewarded with pleasant business/informal get – togethers.

Does Awin meet your expectations?

In most cases, I consider an internship as an obligation for which you get little in return. But my experience at Awin is totally different. As an intern, you get involved in everything that is going on. You get at lot responsibility, and your colleagues treat you as one of their own, and not just as another ‘intern’. I still enjoy going to my internship every single day, and perceive it as a real challenge.

What does a work day at Awin look like for you?

My working days consists out of a variety of different tasks. Usually, it starts with reading my email inbox. During the day you get dozens of e-mails that you either need to answer or includes tasks you need to complete. Next, I take a look at my agenda at all the meetings and tasks that are planned for that day such as: booking banners, partner mailing, running gap analyses, contacting publishers, etc. I make sure that there is enough time in between these tasks so I can complete ad hoc tasks as well.  

What do you like the most about doing an internship at Awin?

Not a single day looks the same. As an Account Coordinator, you are constantly occupied with keeping your customers satisfied and you keep learning more every day. You learn how to deal with certain situations, and how to organize your agenda. You want to keep everyone happy, but how are you going to handle this? If you do your job well, you’ll receive positive feedback in return which is very satisfying for me.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with other students about doing an internship at Awin?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No question is labeled as ‘weird’ or ‘stupid’, and there are only nice people working in the company who want to help you at all times. They will only benefit from the fact that you’re capable of doing more things. Show them you’re willing to work hard, in that way you’re going to be very appreciated.


Every Friday afternoon at 5 pm, we start off the weekend with a drink in the office. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues even better, and chill out after a long workweek. It also makes you feel less of a newbie as these colleagues become your friends.