Interview: what are the Black Friday predictions of Awin Publisher manager Sang Bui?

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On Black Friday 2016 Awin tracked over € 117 million in revenue across our global network for our advertisers, a 51% increase compared to Black Friday 2015. With the retail event continuing to grow in popularity and revenue worldwide, it's perfectly understandable that this retail event also has on impact on us internally. That's why we spoke with Sang Bui, Publisher manager at Awin Benelux, and we asked him how he experienced last year. And does he have any preparation tips for us?


How big of an event is Black Friday in the Netherlands? What impact has the event had on your business in previous years?

Looking at the increasing popularity of Black Friday in the Netherlands, last year we received a lot of requests from the advertisers for extra promotional opportunities during this event. Next to that, advertisers were including this event in their budgeting what's normally only reserved for the more traditional festive season month December.

Looking back, we can confirm that this was a smart move to make. When we look at the numbers, we saw an increase of 148% YoY growth in the number of sales. In addition, advertisers saw a spike in their average order value of 31% increase compared to a normal Friday in November. We even hear stories about advertisers realizing their highest day revenue of the entire year on Black Friday.

These numbers prove to us that Black Friday is the largest retail event of the year and has plenty more to offer the upcoming months.

 What plans do you have for Black Friday 2017?

In Q2 we took the initiative to send out a survey to our advertisers to investigate the story behind the popularity of these kinds of massive events. Other events include Mothers day, Christmas, Valentine's Day and of course Black Friday.  When analysing the results we learned that the majority of our Fashion & Retail advertisers will focus on Black Friday. With this in mind we already started in September with gathering and actively requesting promotional options from our publishers. And the result is there; most of our  (top) publishers are almost up to fully booked.  Knowing that the entire Cyberweekend is a key period for our publishers, these 4 days’ work represents 10 days commission, and therefore we were happy to support our publishers in this way.

Which products do you expect to be the biggest sellers?

Black Friday was usually known as thé event to score the best deal for electronics but we see in our networks data that this is no longer the case. It doesn't matter if you are active in Fashion, Retail, Services or of course the Electronics sector, as long as you have a good deal on Black Friday (& Cyber Weekend) you can expect a huge spike during Black Friday!

Will you also be participating in Cyber Monday?

Of course! When our publishers and advertisers are active on Cyber Monday, so will we. We see that the majority of our advertisers offer their Black Friday deal to consumers for the entire weekend including the Monday. Because of this Cyber Monday remains to be a popular day for sure, but the majority of the deals are already live from Friday so the spike often has already passed. 

What are your predictions for Black Friday/the Cyber weekend in your market overall?

It is always difficult to predict its success, but because we started preparations for Black Friday together with our advertisers and publishers already 3 months ago I'm convinced that this year will again be a huge success. For example, we encouraged our publishers to display our advertisers' best deals. In addition, it helps that the phenomena gains popularity among consumers every year so far. That's why I'm very confident this year will again break all records!