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Nous disposons d'une riche documentation sur laquelle vous pouvez vous appuyer pour développer un programme d'affiliation efficace.


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If you want to find out more about  affiliate marketing  but are unsure how to begin, our guide 'what is affiliate marketing?' is  designed to simplify it all. 
This year, why not use New Year to focus on your business goals instead? It’s the ideal time to put some plans into place for the year ahead when you feel driven and refreshed. From an affiliate marketing perspective, your audience will be searching for products related to their own resolutions.
If you’re new to affiliate marketing or just finding out about the industry, it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s worth setting aside some time to ensure you’re on the right path to becoming a fully-fledged affiliate. In the first of a two part series, we’ve put together our key recommendations to getting started with affiliate marketing and Awin.
Kim Westwood, Founder and Managing Director of Shopping Links, a platform that connects bloggers and social influencers with brands, shares a few ways brands can use social media and influencer marketing to boost overall awareness, attract new business, and strengthen customer loyalty in any industry.
Il est essentiel pour les annonceurs d’identifier et tirer parti des plus importants axes de croissance que connaît le marketing digital ces dernières années. Découvrez les principaux thèmes auxquels vous devriez être attentif pour tirer le meilleur parti de votre programme d’affiliation en 2017 et au-delà. (Guide en anglais)
Le principe même de l’affiliation repose sur les conversions. Aussi, le principal défi des e-marketeurs concerne les transactions cross-device. Dans cet article, nous comparons la méthode de tracking cross-device déterministe versus probabiliste. (Guide en anglais)