Vida na Awin

Roberto Cavazzana

Roberto, as the Team Leader TSE, began his career at 17 years old, when he started studying Computer Science, with the goal of working in the creation of games. At 21, he chose to study Marketing, as he also appreciated this field. After joining Awin in 2013, Roberto understood the affiliate marketing concept and was able to take part in the exchange program. In his own words, “thanks to the support of my colleagues I could accomplish amazing things in the company and its field”.

As it can be imagined, the Brazilian market has many differences when compared to the European markets. When Roberto started at Awin, he had a big challenge on his hands: to adapt all the processes/tests/configuration for the Brazilian market, which also drive the TSE department to learn, on a daily basis, a new tool, process or technology. When facing such challenges, Roberto stated that it is important to have a good set of skills, which are creativity, proactivity and wish to change. “There is a need to be innovative”, he said, “think of different possibilities to solutions, and for me another important skill is know all your colleagues, local and global, because every day we’re able to help each other.”

Keeping up with trends is also a major tip when working with technology. Cavazzana does that by studying new technology and marketing trends. And in Awin, everybody works closely together and update each other about the new trends in the areas of internet, technology, development, etc.

The motivation is also an important part of the TSEs job. For Roberto, it comes from the process of learning about the market, technology and trends, but also from seeing colleagues “falling in love” with the company, getting excited about Exchange/Aspen/Trainings and see how great Awin is. With the many opportunities that Awin offers, our Team Leader TSE Brazil, who had never walked in an airplane before, had the chance to visit seven different countries in three years! And he plans to visit event more.