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As summer winds down and back to school begins, we’re highlighting a publisher that helps alleviate a problem millions of students face.

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Dolr does just that by providing unique ways for people to pay off their student debt. Dolr is the only app that beats student debt and empowers society to contribute towards student loan repayment so it can uplift its community financially and emotionally while still making it a win-win for everyone.

Why was it important for your company to focus on helping pay off student debt?

Student debt has erased more wealth, especially in underrepresented communities, than anything since the 2008 recession. We looked around and saw so many people, including ourselves, who were doing everything “right” but still found themselves unable to get ahead of their student loans so they could focus on building wealth. People are putting off important milestones like buying homes, saving for emergencies, saving for retirement, getting married and starting families - specifically because of their student loans. We all see the positive impacts a more educated community has on society. We asked ourselves: our education benefits everyone, why should we pay for it alone?

How does Dolr help students pay off debt?

The primary barrier people face when it comes to their student debt is that they don’t have enough cash to pay off their loans quickly so they can focus on living their best lives and building wealth. Dolr connects people with additional cash for student loan payments from where they shop, work and their communities so they can accelerate to $0 student debt. By shopping, Dolr users get cashback sent directly to their student loans when they make qualifying purchases with our partner brands.

What kind of resources does Dolr offer students?

In addition to the extra sources of cash, Dolr offers useful tools to help people plan and manage their student loans. We also provide a variety of educational resources that are designed to help students make better decisions and be more intentional about how they approach their student loan repayment journeys.

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join and what do you look for in an advertiser partner?

Dolr exists for the student borrower and everything we do is focused on accelerating them to $0 student loans. We look for forward thinking advertiser partners who want to make a real impact on the financial wellbeing of the people they serve by participating in relieving the largest financial burden for millions of Americans: student debt. We are particularly keen on advertiser partners who are actively thinking about social impact and offering cashback programs as part of their advertising strategies.

What are the benefits for advertisers working with Dolr?

In exchange for cashback paid directly to their student loans, Dolr members provide a rich source of appropriately anonymized, first-party, self identified and verified financial and demographic information that Dolr leverages for advertiser partners to improve the relevance, targeting and consequently, performance of their offers.

What is the best way an advertiser can help support their partnership with Dolr?

By recognizing the powerful social impact cashback paid directly to student loans can have and creating offers and campaigns that align themselves as an ally to the student.

Do you have any opportunities or campaigns coming up for back to school?

Yes! We have a Back to School campaign coming up and are featuring select advertisers as an opportunity to drive focused and relevant ad performance to those advertisers. Happy to partner and drive socially impactful campaigns.

If you're an Awin Group advertiser interested in working with Dolr, please speak to your account contact or email our publisher management team.

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