Case study: TM+ partnership with Giving Assistant

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The unfamiliarity within the search space can be daunting for some.

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TM+ (trademark+) simply refers to affiliates bidding on the trademarked name of a merchant, plus other terms, such as “merchant coupon” or “merchant code.”

A TM+ campaign can be a fantastic remedy to the problem facing many advertisers today on how to drive greater incrementality with top performing affiliates.

With the help of Giving Assistant, Awin implemented a TM+ trial with a goal to deliver more customers, and conversions, thus driving more incrementality and the results did not disappoint.     

However, a TM+ campaign can deliver something more fruitful than just increasing top level KPIs with a handful of additional benefits listed below:

  1. Increased exposure with TM+ partner
  2. Healthier brand representation on SERPs
  3. Drives competitors out of top paid positions
  4. Organically increases traffic when enabling paid search
  5. Positive impact on conversion rates
  6. Improved coverage of key terms

You can download this case study below.