Tips to programme success with Awin Access: Showcase

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Showcase Beauty takes a conscious approach to beauty by bringing back the joy of finding the most effective products available from independent brands.

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Showcase Beauty pride themselves on their specially curated set of independent brands, where they know all the founders personally. They have taken a hands-on approach to programme development, including the savvy move of utilising their website as a partner recruitment tool. The information link in the footer of the homepage directs visitors to a dedicated page encouraging them to make contact and features beautifully designed quick reference publisher media pack outlining all the benefits of joining the Showcase "community."

Small business top tips

Six months after launching exclusively as one of the pilot advertisers on the Awin Access service tier, Gyve Safavi, CEO, shares some of his top tips for small businesses starting out in the world of affiliates: “I’d narrow this down to four key points:

1. Get a solid launch newsletter that has all your info in one place (about your brand, asset folders, clippings, etc) to make it really easy for you to work with. Add a little style to it too you can design your email in any newsletter programme (klaviyo, mailchimp, etc) and export it to use. Here is ours.

2. Be sure to get a diverse list of partners to work with from deal sites to content partnerships. To get fast results maybe start with deal sites and then after progress to content partnerships which take a bit more time but do add a lot of value also!

3. When you reach out for partnerships (and attach your newsletter link), don’t be shy to suggest a meetup if your based in the same city -face to face catchups helped us learn the best way to partner with established affiliates early on.

4. Get your product feed right early on - we struggled with this, but later found out that many apps can actually do this for you quite easily (including marking your sale items every month automatically -we use DataFeedWatch).”


Showcase launched on Awin in March 2019. After six months the programme had already reached 10% of online marketing activity and had referred over 6,000 customers.

The average order value is £50 which is 20% higher than paid search advertising, with on site conversion rates also higher at 3% versus 2.8%.

Useful links

 If you are a retailer looking to follow in the successful footsteps of Showcase, please contact the team here.