Driving affiliate revenue with dynamic attribution: SingleView & La Redoute

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La Redoute partnered with SingleView to optimise their affiliate channel, resulting in a 36% increase in ROAS and 61% additional revenue.

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Within the affiliate channel, La Redoute wanted to reduce the dependency of incentive sites, in particular voucher sites, and prove their overall incrementality. 

The granular insight provided by SingleView enabled optimisations to be made at a publisher level, balancing the mix across publisher genres and increasing ROAS (return on channel ad spend) by 36%.

Voucher sites are now driving measurably incremental value.


Partnering with SingleView, some simple goals were set:

  • To understand the true value of each affiliate using data-driven, real-time attribution.
  • To improve the mix of the affiliate channel by increasing the investment in content-based affiliates.

The Approach

  • Detailed analysis of the attributed contribution of each publisher.
  • Initial optimisations based upon CPA, ROAS and incrementality.
  • Futher optimisation and new affiliates brought on board with "test & learn" approach.

The Results

La Redoute achieved:

  • +61% additional revenue
  • +54% incremental value
  • +36% ROAS
"SingleView allowed optimisation of the affiliate channel to be completed in a very controlled manner. Investment and sales more than doubled during the optimisation activity and, more importantly, incrementality increased by 54%. The La Redoute affiliate channel is going from strength to strength." Paul Carmichael, Digital Marketing Director, La Redoute

 SingleView by R.O.EYE, is a SaaS-based, multi-touch, data-driven attribution platform. If you would like to know more about it, please contact your account manager or download the whitepaper today.

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