Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct, together with our terms and conditions (“Terms”), forms part of the Agreement between you and Digital Window Limited (“we” “our” or “us”).

    Capitalised phrases used in this Code of Conduct have the meanings attributed to them in the Terms.


    1. GENERAL

    1.1 When acting in your capacity as an Affiliate, you will act ethically and reasonably at all times.

    1.2 You will not provide us with any information which is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.

    1.3 If we request, you will provide us with sufficient information about your business practices to enable us to evaluate your suitability as an Affiliate.

    1.4 You will ensure that your websites, marketing materials and communications to the public do not reflect unfavourably on us or any Merchant. Your website must be in keeping with the image presented by the Merchants you promote.

    1.5 You are responsible for the quality and origin of the Visitors you direct to

    Merchants‟ websites.

    1.6 You will not hyperlink your website to any of our websites without our approval.

    1.7 You will not interfere with any data sent to or from us or any of our websites.

    1.8 You will comply with any codes or charters of best practice issued by the

    Internet Advertising Bureau regarding performance marketing from time to time, including the Downloadable Software Code of Conduct, the Publisher Standards Charter and the Vouchers Code of Conduct.

    1.9 You will periodically check the Intranet for any changes to this Code of Conduct, which can be found in the „Links and Tools‟ section.



    2.1 You are solely responsible for any information or content on your website.

    2.2 Your website will not contain, distribute or promote any information or content which:

    2.2.1 infringes any intellectual property rights;

    2.2.2 we consider to be:

    (a) libellous or defamatory;

    (b) obscene or pornographic;

    (c) abusive;

    (d) violent or bigoted;

    (e) dishonest or fraudulent;

    (f) in violation of any law; or

    (g) otherwise objectionable.

    2.2.3 we consider to be promoting or condoning any of the items listed in paragraph (b).

    2.3 Your website will conform to good advertising practices, including any advertising codes of best practice.



    3.1 You will not cause or attempt to:

    3.1.1 manipulate or subvert the operation of Network, the Intranet, any of our websites or any Merchant’s websites;

    3.1.2 interfere with any system for tracking Visitors or Transactions, or for paying commissions;

    3.1.3 cause any commissions to be paid to you other than in respect of bona fide and validated Transactions;

    3.1.4 earn commissions other than in respect of Visitors which actually and intentionally access a Merchant’s website via a Merchant Link.

    3.2 Your website will not make any use of any:

    3.2.1 computer hacking;

    3.2.2 „spam‟ or use unsolicited marketing;

    3.2.3 computer viruses, spyware, adware, malware or malicious software code;

    3.2.4 methods of influencing a search engine's operation in breach of that search engine's terms of use;

    3.2.5 metatags to manipulate search engine results;

    3.2.6 software emulation;

    3.2.7 robots (other than hyperlink checkers), forced clicks, automatic openings of websites, automatic Cookie dropping or „Cookie stuffing‟.

    3.3 You will not place or use any software on an internet user‟s computer or phone (or other device used to access the internet) which can disable, remove or place

    Cookies, or which promotes or displays Merchant Links. This includes as part of a ‘shopping assistant’, ‘price comparison’, or ‘reminder’ service.



    You will:

    4.1 do what you can to help us to ensure that the Merchant Links are working properly;

    4.2 only use the Merchant Links to procure validated Transactions;

    4.3 not use the Merchant Links:

    4.3.1 to mislead Visitors;

    4.3.2 in any way that may alter the look, feel or functionality of the Merchant


    4.4 not use hyperlinks to any Merchant Websites other than the Merchant Links provided by or approved by us.



    You acknowledge that hard-coding any banner, button or Merchant Link into your website may impact their future accuracy.



    6.1 You will immediately provide us with information on the origins of all Visitors you direct to Merchant’s websites (“Traffic Data”) if we ask.

    6.2 You will be responsible if any Traffic Data you provide is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading even if service providers help you to operate your website or to direct Visitors to Merchants‟ Websites. You will immediately notify us if you become aware that we have received Traffic Data which is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.



    7.1 You will not infringe any of our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of any Merchant or any third party.

    7.2 You will not use any domain name which is confusingly similar to the domain name of any Merchant’s website.

    7.3 You will not use or attempt to register any trade marks or trade names that are confusingly similar to any trade marks owned or used by us or any Merchant.



    You will not use any information gained under this Agreement or in your capacity as an Affiliate to solicit any Merchants without our prior written approval.



    The rules contained in this Code of Conduct are not exhaustive, and you will not breach the spirit this Code of Conduct. Only we can decide what constitutes a breach of the spirit of the Code of Conduct.