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What does a next generation affiliate programme look like? As we enter 2018 what are the tools that we need to have in place in order to build a campaign fit for purpose? Undoubtedly data goes to the very heart of these questions and this was the key theme considered in the global team's presentation at this year's PerformanceIN Live conference.
Rumours of last click’s death have been greatly exaggerated. For the best part of the last decade various industry commentators have said it’s a model that ill serves the complexity of the multiple digital touchpoints an average consumer may record on their way to clicking the buy button. For affiliate marketers this poses an obvious dilemma; last click is what our business is premised on, without it what are we left with? Very often this can be because there is a misunderstanding of what is meant by the ‘last click is dead’ statement.
A new survey commissioned by the IAB has unveiled some revealing insights about how consumers interact with affiliate content. What do this year's insights say about the ongoing popularity of publisher models?