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The departure of the UK from the European Union, known as Brexit, is due to take place on 31st January.

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The UK will leave the EU with an agreed deal which treats the UK as a EU member until the end of 2020. The EU and the UK will negotiate an trade agreement for the period from 2021 onwards. 

Awin has been monitoring the situation closely to assess the possible effects. Below we provide answers to questions Awin publishers may have about the effects of the Brexit based on the agreed deal. 
It is important to note that this update only indicates how Awin understands information published about Brexit, and how we assess the effects for us as a business. All Awin publishers are responsible for their own VAT positions. 
Please do not exclusively rely on any information included in here, but also make sure to contact your tax advisor in order to ensure that you are compliant with VAT regulations.   

1.  What are the effects of Brexit on the VAT treatment of publishers?

With the agreed deal we do not expect Brexit to have any material effect on the VAT treatment of publishers on Awin platforms (Awin and zanox) which have contractual relationships with AWIN Ltd. and AWIN AG. 
2. Will Brexit have any impact on payments made to publishers? 
No, Brexit should not impact payments to publishers. 
3. Will there be any changes to VAT on credit notes to publishers due to Brexit? 
No, Brexit will have no impact on the VAT shown on credit notes to publishers. 
4. Are there any changes required in my publisher account on the Awin platforms? 

No, there is no action required from publishers. 
Please note that the above assessment is based on the current status of legislation and tax advice provided to the Awin group. We are closely monitoring further developments (especially with respect to the negotiation of the trade agreement for the period from 2021 onwards) and will inform you about changes we deem will affect our contractual relationship with you. 
In order to be prepared for Brexit, Awin strongly advises you to get in contact with your tax advisor as you are solely responsible for your compliance with VAT regulations before and after Brexit. 

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