Incremental success through Awin Access: Homeward Legal

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Homeward Legal is a conveyancing services company who needed a cost-effective way to drive new customer acquisitions.

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Operating in a firecely competitive sector, primarily driven by paid search marketing, Homeward Legal needed another, incremental way to drive new customer acquisitions.  The business endevoured on Awin Access to harness the entry-level service to test if affiliate marketing could do just that.


The programme launched in May 2019 and within just 5 months had accomplished their objectives of driving incremental new customer acquisitions, operating under a strict CPA target and converting quality customers. They found the key to success was the ease of accessibility to large, major partners such as USwitch. This price comparison style of publisher was and continues to be a significant contributor of quality and incremental customers that the business would otherwise not have been able to connect with and collaborate on a performance “paid on results” basis.


Homeward Legal have converted over 600 customers in the short period since programme launch to their delight given the select nature of the sector and the high average customer spend. Keen to promote affiliate marketing for other small/niche sector brands, Homeward Legal provided Awin with their personal top tips:

  • Take a hands-on approach to recruitment and use the Awin directory to find relevant partners.
  • Talking and building relationships will open up opportunities so don't be shy to pick up the phone.
  • Focus on understanding how to get the most from Awin and what the platform can offer and if you invest the time and effort you will reap the rewards.

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Publishers interested in promoting Homeward Legal can sign up here.  If you are an advertiser looking to follow in the successful footsteps of Homeward Legal, please contact the team here.