Life at Awin

Rosalyn Berrisford

Ros talks through her progression through the affiliate industry and the ins and outs of her current role as Client Services Director

My career at Awin started in a small Newcastle office in 2005, when I fell into an Affiliate Manager role at (which was later acquired by Awin in 2010). I hadn’t heard of affiliate marketing before, (even though I had just graduated from a marketing degree!) but loved the idea of focusing on digital and particularly performance marketing, where the work we do shows instant, tangible results. After five years at followed by four years at Awin, I left to work at a media agency, but really missed being at the heart of the industry, and returned to Awin at the end of 2016 in my current role as Client Services Director.

My remit covers our four client facing departments; Key Accounts, Account Management, Account Development and Publisher Management. This means it’s incredibly varied, and non-stop. I’m responsible for ensuring we have the right people doing the right job, delivering expectations, and driving forward growth for publishers and advertisers alike. This involves looking at department structures, tools, work methods, training and knowledge sharing, whilst being a client escalation point and supporting Commercial in new business pitches and re-notifications. 

The varied nature of the role and amount of different projects happening at any one time means that possessing the core skills of communication, organisation, problem solving and staying calm under pressure has been incredibly important. I have to be a self-starter and ensure diligence; our Country Manager encourages taking a step back and not being afraid to make big changes. This support to always be driving forward and questioning the status quo is also what I’ve found the most rewarding. 

The industry is incredibly dynamic, and Awin’s large market share means we get to be involved in many exciting initiatives. We actively encourage staff to come up with new ideas and challenge convention, whether through testing new partners, embracing new technologies or looking at how to work in the most efficient way. Awin is a fantastic place to work, and I’m not the only staff member who has returned to the business after working elsewhere.