The decline of third party tracking?

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With September’s launch of Apple’s new version of Safari so the industry saw a direct challenge to how it has traditionally tracked sales. With the potential removal of thousands of sales through the latest versions of the Safari browsers, Awin’s latest whitepaper looks at the changes introduced by Apple and the recent announcement from Mozilla regarding changes to the Firefox browser. We explore how this has come to pass, how we think it will affect the industry and what we have been doing to ensure there is continuity of service for our customers.

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Are we standing at a tracking crossroads? Will we see fundamental changes to how we can measure online interactions? With the advent of Apple’s recent changes and Firefox’s latest vision, it certainly seems that way.

As both companies launch browser updates that will have a significant impact on traditional affiliate marketing, we explore what is happening, what this could mean for your business and what Awin is doing to mitigate these changes. This document shares our plans to help our customers continue to earn in a post-third party cookie world.

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