How SaveCart is maximising Black Friday 2018 with personalisation

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Black Friday may have been long established as the retail event of the year in some countries, but for others it has only gathered momentum in recent years.

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In the run-up to Black Friday 2018, we’re speaking to advertisers and publishers across our global network to share perspectives from their local markets on what Black Friday and the Cyber Weekend means for them. 

Tadeusz Żórawski, Chief Development Officer at SaveCart, a personalisation automation solution that facilitates consumers to take shopping decisions, shares how Black Friday has been adopted in Poland and how they plan to maximise the event for advertisers. 

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How has Black Friday been adopted in your local market? Has it had a big impact upon your own business? 

If you look at Google Trends, the interest of e-customers in Black Friday is growing exponentially – it has been doubling year on year in the past couple of years.  

It has big potential for our clients, where we see some are increasing their sales by 200% - 500% or even more compared to regular days. Some e-shops sell more than 250% than what they sell in the entire month. Black Friday also attracts interest in ecommerce from consumers, for some customers it’s the first time they buy something in that particular eshop. Occasions like Black Friday are important for expanding the base of online customers.  

Tell us about how your company is preparing for Black Friday 2018.

We work with our clients so that they provide triggers to purchase for their existing and new customers, by providing a web popup reminding them of special deals. Black Friday is also a strong trigger for a customer to enable push notifications, it provides a clear reason why these can bring them benefits.  

We can also put Black Friday special offers into the recommendation engine widget which shows customers products that may be particularly interesting for them because of what they bought or viewed earlier, or what look-a-like customers were buying or viewing.  

We prepare special creative messages for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire Cyber Weekend customised for each shop, showcasing which benefits / discounts they offer on that day, with the relevant tonality for each e-shop and occasion. 

What do you think of global retail events like Black Friday? Are they a positive thing for your business or do they make your job harder? 

Black Friday and such occasions are definitely a positive thing for our clients’ businesses and therefore for our business as well. Seasonal events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Child’s Day, Christmas and other festivals are opening customers hearts and wallets. Smart-shopping and hunting for occasions often is a great trigger for them to buy something they thought of for a long time – or can be an inspiration, occasion to find some new products – and buying them at a special price increases customer satisfaction, making them feel happier and smarter. 

Black Friday is also a great opportunity to demonstrate ecommerce advantage: shopping malls and traditional stores may be crowded then, so customers don’t find their favourite products or items in their size, resulting in tiredness and frustration. When you shop in e-store, you are in a quiet place, you don’t waste time and you have much more comfort and joy after purchase! 

What one tip would you give to fellow companies participating in Black Friday activity this year? 

Not to be afraid to make use of it – have a special strategy and for the strength of the event. Special discounts, even if small, or any other idea to make a business stand out during this time, are a strong trigger to purchase, and this can deliver much more revenue by the sheer scale of sales. 

To learn more about Black Friday 2018 opportunities on our network, contact your account representative. 

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