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Awin is a marketing technology platform, providing an open marketplace for businesses to create any type of acquisition partnership

With over 240,000 partners - including traditional affiliates, global mass media houses, trusted micro-influencers and innovative fintech businesses - advertisers can generate more sales, expand customer reach and strengthen their brand. Retailers that migrate to Awin from competitor platforms experience triple-digit affiliate program growth and a 63% uplift in revenue.

In addition to leading the way with our reach, Awin’s award-winning technology and tools - including first-party tracking, multi-channel attribution and in-app tracking - ensure a program tracks all sales, making it optimally attractive for partners to want to promote.

Achieve 63% uplift in revenue

We help brands build an accurate profile of their customer by capturing over 254 advanced data points. This provides a clear view of purchase behavior across partnership base and gives the ability to dynamically award commission. Combining demographic information and product-level details, Awin advertisers can tailor strategies and messaging to achieve 63% uplift in revenue.

Improve ROAS by 42%

Our advertisers improve their affiliate channel ROAS by 42% through SingleView, our multi-touch attribution technology. Gathering data in an unbiased and accurate way, SingleView tracks every consumer touchpoint in both converting and non-converting journeys - measuring your marketing activity and the behaviors of your customers to provide unique insights that optimize performance and maximize return on affiliate ad spend. 

Get 16:1 ROI from influencer marketing

Awin helps brands leverage influencers to drive measurable sales and revenue at an ROI of $16:1. It’s partnerships with leading influencer management platforms CreatorIQ and Socialix easily enable retailers of all sizes and varying budgets to discover new creators and manage relationships while obtaining precise channel sales tracking. Partnerships like these allow advertisers to demonstrate successful outcomes at all stages of the consumer journey.


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