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With Bounceless Tracking, Awin sets the new standard for affiliate tracking
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Benefits of Bounceless Tracking

Awin’s groundbreaking innovation Bounceless Tracking is the next generation of affiliate tracking to futureproof your business. Released alongside our Tracking Optimization Plugin at the end of 2019, Bounceless Tracking is built with a privacy-by-design approach and sits as the foundation of all future Awin technology and advancements.

Unique to market

Awin is first to forge a new path away from cookies remove any means of user profiling with the release of Bounceless Tracking. This is the second time Awin set the standard for tracking innovation for the affiliate industry, following the release of cross-device tracking in 2015.

Tracks all sales

A recent test concluded Bounceless Tracking is completely unaffected by current browser tracking preventions. This means a non-interrupted consumer journey that leads to greater tracking accuracy, and with that, higher volumes of tracked sales for both publishers and advertisers. In this test, Bounceless Tracking - enabled via Awin’s Publisher and Advertiser MasterTags - outperformed a standard tracked control group by 4.6%.

Faster user experience

The key premise of Bounceless Tracking is the removal of the bounce – the traditional ad network redirect. By eliminating all intermediary steps between a publisher and advertiser has made a considerable speed improvement. With Bounceless Tracking, customers directly navigate from a publisher to an advertiser’s site at the fastest possible rate.

Restores referrer visibility

One of the casualties of browser tracking prevention is the restriction of referrer URL information. Because of the unique way Bounceless Tracking works with both the Advertiser and Publisher MasterTags, this is no longer the case and any Bounceless Tracking sale will come complete with full referrer URL information, providing all of the relevant data points needed for optimal campaign reporting and compliance.

Set it and forget it

Bounceless Tracking is delivered through Awin’s Tracking Optimization Plugin, with the goal of the plugin being to make sure the optimum tracking method is used for any given user journey. As the plugin is controlled by Awin, any updates made can be pushed out to publishers automatically – publishers just need to enable Bounceless Tracking and the Tracking Optimization Plugin once. From there, publisher tracking will always be the latest version, implemented in the correct way.

Boosts SEO

When publishers use Bounceless Tracking in conjunction with Awin’s Convert-a-Link technology, SEO magic happens. Convert-a-Link is Awin’s simple linking tool that provides publishers with clean, non-tracked links on their site, which automatically converts to a tracking link on click. With Bounceless Tracking, Awin publishers can use non-tracked links and on click, if Bounceless is possible, the user is sent directly to the advertiser’s site without any redirects or alternate URLs. The result is publishers are producing SEO value for the advertisers.

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