Life at Awin

Account Manager

The road to account management

Come November, I found myself talking about my job search over sushi with a few old high school friends. It was then someone suggested I apply for an open position at her company, Awin. With no background in Affiliate Marketing, I figured I would “give it a try” and apply- the experience couldn’t hurt, right?

A few weeks later I walked out of my first interview at Awin star struck and fixed on the notion that this company was the perfect fit for me. I felt both comforted and challenged during my interview and decided then I wanted to be a part of the Awin team more than anything. This company embraced everything I was looking for: client services, technology, innovation and a fresh take on the traditional marketing taught in my school books.

My first day at Awin as a Campaign Assistant was December 7th, 2015. I remember sitting in my first meeting and thinking that I would never be able to speak so fluently or ever be as knowledgeable about the industry as the peers I sat beside. I was a small fish in a big sea of network trainings, reporting tasks and affiliate jargon. My thirst to learn everything that I could in as little time as possible posed itself the biggest challenge, a challenge I was ready to take head-on.

When I was assigned to my first program integration I was determined to prove to my peers that I was capable of launching and running a successful program and accepted eagerly. Awin has offered me the perfect environment for growth, forcing me to jump into the water head first while standing beside me with a life raft. I am always pushed to do unfamiliar things with the reassurance that my managers were behind me as my support and points of escalation.

A few months in, I was offered a promotion to an Account Development Executive bringing with it a small portfolio of clients. No longer the lowest notch on the totem pole, it was time to begin relying less on the life rafts and more on my abilities to swim. My mentality had to switch from doing tasks when told and providing assistance to others, to being proactive on my accounts and learning new skills. One of my favorite parts about working at Awin is the constant development of new technology and industry best practice. As new tools are rolled out, the employee hierarchy dissolves and the team adjusts to these new developments together as equals.

 My current position as an Account Manager was offered to me in September, two months before my one year anniversary with Awin. This promotion meant my duties now not only lied in my own client portfolio, but in the best interest of the team. My goals switched from “I” to “we” and I was to be held accountable for my team’s success as much as my own. The journey to Account Management was one of hard work, constant learning, and flexibility. I am proud of how quickly this company has allowed me to grow and the responsibilities I have taken on along the way. Having just published a Fashion Sector Report for the US network, something I would not have dreamt of doing when I started as a Campaign Assistant, I am eager and excited to see where this role takes me next.

 Awin has given me more than I will ever be able to give back. The environment is one of I am grateful to be in each and every day. My superiors are my greatest inspirations, providing me with both constructive criticism and relentlness encouragement. I have found some of my closest friends and the most admirable leaders. My closing question in that first interview was “If you could describe the team in one catch phrase, what would it be?” The response still resonates with me a year and some change later: “Play Hard, Work Harder.” The fun, close community at Awin is only matched by the passion and dedicated the team has for this industry.