Role Profiles

Austin Ratner

Hello, my name is Austin and I work as an Account Development Executive within the Key Accounts team.

I started working at Awin 9 months ago, and I can assure you that I’ve worked on something worthwhile each and every day. As an Account Development Executive, you must be flexible and willing to work on numerous projects while maintaining the quality of your day to day responsibilities. The work in this role includes promotional analysis, reporting, affiliate recruitment, news distribution, competitor assessment, as well as advising on opportunities and long-term strategy.

Affiliate Marketing is an exciting industry to be in, as the digital age and rising reliance on the internet makes our work more valuable each day. Providing a trackable advertising solution sets affiliate marketing apart from other sectors in which advertising has to be inferred from overall performance. Extensive affiliate marketing experience isn’t required for this position, but a knowledge of the industry paired with an above-and-beyond attitude is key. Good communication skills are necessary as you will be dealing with clients on a daily basis. Working with advertisers such as HP, The Hut Group, and StubHub is extremely rewarding as it builds valuable marketing experience.

Awin is special because it is truly a global company. I work with people around the world on brands that have international audiences. On a normal day, I’ll have a call with someone in London, while e-mailing contacts from China and Brazil. I’ve even communicated in Spanish with a company in Mexico. In my wildest dreams I did not expect to be working within the global economy so soon after college graduation. Awin, which is based out of Europe, is expanding in the US market. This makes everything I do feel important, as my team and I strive to shake up the industry with intense energy and fresh ideas.