Why you need to demand more from your affiliate platform

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As marketers embrace the channel, the industry is positioned to adapt to changes in the ecommerce landscape and to capitalize on its newfound popularity.

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We find ourselves in an ecommerce landscape profoundly altered from two years ago. The mass adoption of online shopping, combined with the migration of many businesses to the internet, and marketers finally fully embracing performance-based ad models, have broken affiliate into the mainstream once and for all.  
But with that added interest and investment come a new set of dilemmas: increased scrutiny and expectations of what the channel can deliver. This new ecommerce baseline means you need to demand more from your affiliate platform: more sophisticated tools, more robust tracking, and more flexibility of service.  
As presented at PI LIVE London on October 19th, Awin’s Regional Managing Director Ian Charlesworth shows how the landscape has changed forever, and why it demands a new set of expectations from affiliate platforms if the industry is to truly capitalize on its sudden popularity. 

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