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A solution that enables unrivalled strategic control of a program on behalf of your client.
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Affiliate marketing expertise

With over 21,200+ advertisers and 241,000 publishers generating 194 million sales in 2021, we have unrivaled affiliate marketing expertise. There are client services, publisher management, global strategy, technical, and business intelligence teams, among others, to help drive each  program forward with insights from across the market. Awin hosts local events so agency staff can benefit from the insights we deliver. 

Technical support

Our technical support enables speedy integrations. Our technical program setup enables agencies to provide unparallelled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate program on the Awin network.  Agencies are supported by our dedicated publisher management, strategy, technical, and business intelligence teams, among others, to drive each affiliate program forward.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Awin's easy-to-use platform is designed to make managing your client's program easy. With a full reporting suite, the Awin platform is designed to aid any agency team. Monitor your client's campaigns, optimize performance and reveal powerful insights.

How Awin can benefit your agency

Promote with confidence with high-quality publishers

Promote with confidence with high-quality publishers

We provide safety and security for our clients, ensuring the highest regulatory standards are upheld and all partners adhere to our strict compliance rules. Receive relevant opportunities and search our directory of 241,000+ active affiliates, spanning a range of sectors and promotional types including cashback, content and shopping comparison, to find the right partners for your affiliate program.

We approve all publishers before they join the network through an in-depth screening process, so you can partner with confidence.  Read more about our compliance team and their processes here.

Expert affiliate marketing support

Expert affiliate marketing support

 Awin client services comprises of many functions, including dedicated publisher management teams, which also include sector experts in finance, fashion, travel and influencer marketing, allowing us to offer consultancy, support and insight to all of our clients. Our technical and business intelligence teams are on hand to support our clients and ensure programs are running to the most optimal performance and reporting capabilities. Awin also houses a team of global experts across advertiser management, technical and support functions, to ensure a fully coordinated and streamlined strategy, should your program operate across multiple markets, territories or website domains.

Powerful tools and technology to optimize your affiliate partnerships

Powerful tools and technology to optimize your affiliate partnerships

Working alongside Awin's standard affiliate tracking and developed by our in-house technical and development teams, we offer easy implementation with multiple technical partners or solutions through the use of the Awin Mastertag, reducing integration times and increasing flexibility across your campaigns. Awin's cross-device tracking solution allows advertisers to reward publishers for multi-device journey transactions, resulting in a true understanding of how the performance channel drives customers. Our coupon attribution technology offers further flexibility to the traditional last-click model in the affiliate channel, allowing advertisers to fully reward publishers for exclusive coupon code campaigns. Payment on influence offers another alternative to the traditional last click model and opens up new avenues to encourage more collaboration with content and blogger affiliates. 

Read more about our products and tools here.