Life at Awin

Anna Andersson

I've spent 4 years within sales and online marketing. When I joined Awin, I didn’t have that much experience within affiliate marketing. But now, after years of learning, I consider it a very interesting industry and it was a lot of fun to take on a new industry back then.

 What do you do on a daily basis?

As an Account Manager, I'm in charge of the small/medium size advertisers and I spend the bigger part of my work developing advertiser accounts in terms of coming up with a strategy and finding new publisher opportunities.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when joining Awin?

Since I had little knowledge and experience from affiliate marketing, a big challenge was to learn the industry. There were new technical parts within my work, and obviously a lot of new terms to get used to. It was quite challenging at first, but thanks to my experienced and great colleagues I got on board quite quick.

What has been some of your most rewarding moments?

I would have to say the looking back at all the knowledge I’ve gained since I joined the team. Awin provides you with excellent training and development opportunities. Since this industry is in constant development there are always new things to learn, this is also one reason why this job never gets boring!

What do you like about Awin?

Without doubt, my colleagues. A day doesn’t pass without laughing together with them. We’re all working hard in order to reach our goals and are always there for each other in order to help and support. Since we’re a small group comparing to all our colleagues in the rest of the world, we’ve become a really cohesive team.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

I sold our first service package to an existing Account Development client which led to a great uplift for the advertiser. It’s a great feeling watching a client grow from your suggestions and strategies. I’m really looking forward to help more of my clients reach their goals!