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With over €200m global sales made through Awin Access since its launch, affiliate marketing has become a legitimate route to growth for small online businesses.

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Awin Access was developed as a low cost, low commitment and easy to launch solution to overcome barriers for small businesses and beginners getting into affiliate marketing, helping them realise the benefits of having diverse digital marketing channels. 

After two years and thousands of small business programmes now live, the beating heart of Awin Access is it’s amazing small business community. We spoke to some of our passionate customers across beauty, fashion and luxury about their experiences with Awin Access, and how taking the leap into affiliate marketing helped them to get one step closer to their goals for online growth. 

“It performs the best out of all the online marketing that we do” 

As a family business who have been established for over 100 years, luxury candle and diffuser manufacturer Shearer Candles realised that finding fresh new channels and audiences was a crucial part of their dream of getting their products into every household. Interested in partnering with influencers, price comparison sites and voucher code sites to move stock and optimise the retail ‘golden quarter’, affiliate marketing gave them in-roads into new audiences that they couldn’t normally reach. After seeing sales begin to roll in within days, Awin Access is now their best performing online marketing channel, and has become an essential part of their digital strategy. Shearer Candles utilised all the free tips and guidance offered to them whilst setting up with Awin Access. This meant that they were optimising their programme, connecting with the right recommended partners and using all of the simple and easy to apply tools available in the platform from their very first day on Awin. Watch the video at the top of this article to hear more about Shearer Candles' Awin Access journey.

“The programme was really easy to setup, and I was able to do it without a full-time marketing team”  

Certified vegan and cruelty free organic skincare business, Evolve Beauty, wanted to reach online partnerships that would reflect the niche and luxury nature of their brand, as well as a simple to use and low maintenance way to expand their digital marketing efforts with their limited in-house resources.  Evolve were able to connect with nano and micro influencers who had loyal audiences who could give them the targeted engagement that they were after, at the same time as reflecting their keen focus on ethical and organic beauty.  

With simple set-up steps and plenty of support for getting started, Evolve’s Awin Access programme was up and running within hours. Because they use a Shopify ecommerce store they were easily able to setup the Awin programme on their site through the Awin Shopify plug-in which can be seamlessly integrated into Awin’s platform. With maintenance and optimisation of an Awin Access programme being so minimal, it only took Laura from Evolve Beauty a small amount to time each day to connect with partners, find new opportunities and measure results; meaning affiliate partnerships are set to become an increasingly important part of the success of Evolve Beauty in the future.

“Awin Access has enabled us to grow new audiences and explore new opportunities” 

Thriving footwear brand Walk London was looking for a way to reach a wider international audience online. After researching what types of digital marketing activity their competitors were doing, Walk London’s move into affiliate marketing gave them the opportunity to achieve great results with an average of £12 back for every £1 spent on their programme. Their vision is to move from a small family business to a ‘big name and big story’ and this aligned perfectly with the breadth of partners available through Awin Access. These digital relationships propelled them into new territories and into meaningful digital partnerships, such as with One Tribe, who reflect their brand ethos in sustainability.

The passion and drive behind the small businesses on Awin Access is what powers our platform. If you could benefit from joining our thriving community, apply for Awin Access today

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