Three partners to help your brand influence its way to increased ROI

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Manage and optimise your influencer marketing campaigns with fully integrated Influencer subnetworks on Awin. 

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As we discussed in
our deep-dive into Influencer subnetworks, subnetworks enable brands to easily tap into the influencer marketing space to test and streamline influencer activity, with the added bonus of being fully integrated within Awin’s platform to help brands measure performance. 

That’s why it’s never been easier for brands to kick-start their influencer activity with Awin’s rich mix of influencer subnetwork partners, to reach new and highly engaged audiences, attract new customers and build brand affinity with influencer followers. 

There are a variety of Influencer subnetworks partners available on the Awin platform that cater to brands of all sizes, budget and vertical, offering unique solutions to deliver scale, quality, and transparency for your influencer marketing campaigns. Brands within the Fashion and Beauty sectors have already generated over £2.3m in revenue so far in 2022 from campaigns run through our subnetwork partners. 

With a range of Influencer subnetworks to choose from, we speak to three of our partners, LTK, Orpiva and Stylink, who are partnering with Awin brands to deliver exceptionally executed campaigns that let advertisers influence their way to increased ROI. 

LTK is the world’s largest influencer platform, partnered as a subnetwork across the Awin platform, driving billions in brand purchases from the largest curated creator community. Learn more about what they do in our February Awin Talks episode. 

Orpiva is a full-service influencer campaign management platform integrated as one of our subnetwork partners, that supports brands to create authentic, data-led influencer partnerships and unique product experiences for their consumers. 

Stylink is one of the largest end-to-end monetisation platforms with a unique business model. While they work with online shops on a CPA basis, they pay their users a CPC. For brands, they generate traffic and sales, raise brand awareness and help them to develop new customer groups through versatile content by authentic influencers.


What opportunities does LTK offer to its brands?  

"As the largest global influencer marketing platform, LTK drives billions in annual brand sales from the largest curated community of 200,000+ creators in 200+ countries. LTK is an original pioneer of the creator economy and founder of the first full-service influencer marketing platform, which includes a 5-Star creator-powered shopping app that reaches millions of high-intent shoppers."  

Robin Ward, Head of Sales - Europe, LTK 

What’s unique about LTK? 

LTK combines 12 years’ experience with 6,000 retailers and over one million brands. They deliver amplification via end-to-end campaign management and execution, and their unique ability to drive ROI campaigns is complemented by an extensive performance-driven data-set.  


What opportunities does Orpiva offer to its brands? 
“ORPIVA is a full funnel influencer marketing platform empowered by Product Experiences (PX) designed to drive awareness and performance on different social channels. We complement internal marketing and performance teams by handling campaigns eg. end-to-end through affiliate channels. 
From our global community of influencers we connect the right creators to the brands.  We empower the Influencers with AI tools to create immersive and authentic Product Experiences. This includes for instance Augmented Reality (AR), StoryQuest (a choose your own adventure tool), Group buying and many more.”  

Bjoern RENNHAK, VP EMEA, Orpiva 

What’s unique about Orpiva’s offering? 

Orpiva’s data-driven approach to create Product Experiences that can be tailored towards a brand’s objectives set them apart. With a bespoke dashboard to each client that reflects all relevant campaign data at a glance, they make sure all insights, measurement and analysis are deeply integrated with Awin and its MasterTag, giving a full 360° view on campaigns.  


What opportunities does Stylink offer to its brands?  

“Stylink is a platform that connects online shops and influencers. We give content creators the ability to create affiliate links for many different brands and to share recommendations with their followers.  Stylink mostly works with micro influencers who not only create authentic content but also have an engaged audience. Through the versatile content of our authentic influencers, our partner shops can create brand awareness, develop new customer groups, and reach a variety of markets. For our partner shops we are generating more than 14m shop visits per month and more than 440m in annual sales.” 

Sina Friedrich, Junior Marketing Manager, Stylink 

What’s unique about Stylink’s offering? 

 Stylink connects both online shopping and social media and brings content creators and brands together with tailored promotions and partnerships to each brand individually. Through its unique revenue model whereby they work with partner shops on a CPA, but pay users on a CPC, they’re helping to protect influencer commissions and over campaign performance by paying the influencers the right CPC.  

How to get started 

Subnetworks aim to simplify communication, integration and optimisation for advertisers and influencers. Our Global Publisher team are on-hand to guide you through connecting with your partner of choice and taking the first leap into the world of influencer marketing. 

If you’re interested in leveraging the power of influence to reach new audiences and increase ROI, let the team know today. 

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