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With the weather in Australia opposite to that in the Northern Hemisphere, it's no surprise this resulted in the seasonal event, 'Christmas in July'.

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Usually celebrated on 25th July but with celebrations taking place across the month, Christmas in July allows Australians to enjoy the cosy traditions of Christmas in their colder months, as well as giving them something eventful to enjoy during an otherwise quiet period. You can learn more about the origins of Christmas in July, which are thought to have originated in Europe in this article.

But why is this relevant for our industry? Naturally, as with most new seasonal events,  they present a marketing opportunity for businesses to tailor their product offering and promotions for customers. For Christmas in July, this means advertisers from a range of sectors can get involved, including travel, fashion and gifting.

How are Awin partners in Australia are making the most of the new festive period? Several publishers are running dedicated pages including Finder’s Christmas Jumper page and their where to celebrate Christmas in July page,  while Cuponation have a dedicated offers page. It also provides the opportunity to run fun seasonal incentives like ShopBack's '12 Days of Christmas', and publishers such as Cashrewards are running dedicated email marketing campaigns.

"Christmas in July is a massive concept in Australia as its generally the coldest month of the year! ShopBack has a massive marketing campaign around this as it gives brands the opportunity to spike sales during a time when sales are traditionally pretty slow in Australia."  ShopBack

"Finder helps our users find what they are looking for. Christmas in July is unique to the Australian market and as an Aussie brand with lots of fashion partners, it's a natural piece of content for us to create."  Finder

Top six things to do over Christmas in July:

"Christmas in July is becoming more and more established as an event in Australia. For our UK and overseas based brands this is a great way to engage with their audience and show an understanding of the difference in seasons and therefore, shopping habits. I would strongly recommend brands get involved with local market initiatives where relevant and use the event as a way to not only engage current customers but to acquire new ones through creative campaigns. Those brands who show a deeper commitment to their overseas shoppers are more likely to see higher customer retention and brand loyalty." Jessica Beckett, Senior Account Manager at  Awin 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a novelty jumper and for our friends at Commission Factory, they celebrate Christmas Jumper Day on 27th July. Here's the team in their festive attire from last year:

Interested in learning more about opportunities in Australia? Get in touch with the team here.

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