Awin Talks: Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of AffiliateInsider

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We speak to the award-winning marketer, Forbes contributing writer, and AffiliateInsider founder, about the state of the affiliate industry and its prospects.

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This month on Awin Talks, Kevin speaks to the founder of performance marketing agency AffiliateInsider, Lee-Ann Johnstone. Lee-Ann has extensive experience working in the industry with particular expertise in the retail, payments and gaming sectors, and Kevin chats to her about how the channel has evolved over her career and what trends she sees emerging on the industry’s horizon at the moment that she’s particularly excited about.  

In addition in this month’s episode, regular co-hosts Rob and Kevin are joined by Lee Metters, Client Partner at Awin UK for Retail and Travel. Lee shares some of the latest trends that the network has been tracking as lockdown restrictions begin to slowly lift and what they suggest about changing consumer habits in the UK. The hosts also review the recent Global PI Live virtual conference and discuss some of the early impacts being reported across the industry by Apple’s iOS 14.5 update on app tracking.   

Craig returns with his Number of the Month (69.4bn – listen in to hear what that represents), and Rob speaks to Samy El Chehaly from the French cashback publisher iGraal to find out about the latest affiliate and digital marketing trends in France in our latest edition of Meet the Market. 

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