Using artificial intelligence to boost sales by +44%

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This case study examines how, using AI-powered platform Increasingly, Awin advertiser Samsung was able to drive incremental store revenue.

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Samsung is a multinational consumer electronics retailer. As one of the world's largest players in the sector, the brand sought to partner with a technology solution  capable of  integrating with its vastly complex and data-heavy website  to make it easier for Canadian customers to find personalized product combinations based on individual needs and the retailer’s goals.

Increasingly is an AI-powered platform whose on-site technology assists brands to cross sell to customers in an automated fashion to bundle the correct products together.  Inspired by other Awin advertisers seeing  positive ROI from Increasingly’s AI Bundling tool, Samsung felt confident Increasingly was the right technology partner.

The Approach:

Following the strategic partnership between Samsung and Increasingly, Increasingly immediately launched its AI bundling technology across Samsung’s site in Canada via Awin’s innovative, proprietary MasterTag solution. Increasingly’s low-tech, simple integration allowed Canadian customers to instantly add hyper-relevant products to their shopping cart in seconds driving incremental revenue for the brand within days of the technology being available on site.

Increasingly’s technology used a mixture of AI-driven bundles along with manual bundles based on the goals set by the Samsung Canada marketing teams. This flexible approach allowed the brand  to retain control over which bundles were served to customers in real-time.

The Results:

By leveraging Increasingly’s AI technology and tracking the results through the Awin affiliate program, Samsung has been able to provide customers with a better online experience while also driving incremental store revenue.

  • +20% incremental shopping cart revenue
  • +28% number of items per order
  • +44% accessory sales
“The team has been amazing to work with, they have been extremely proactive and the results have been fantastic. We have achieved +20% in basket revenue and items per basket have increased by 28%!” Rishita Ghosh, Samsung Performance Marketing Manager​

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