Five tips for time-short advertisers

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Learn how to optimize your program with five of our favorite time-saving tools.

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Making sure your affiliate program is fully optimized can take a lot of time and effort to get the results you want. To be certain you’re using your valuable time in areas that require the most focus, make sure you’re using our five tools that can help give you back extra time.

  1. Publisher Recommendations

The Publisher Recommendations tool reduces all manual efforts in recruiting new publishers and provides advertisers with the 25 best publisher suggestions for a brand to work with daily. This means publisher recruitment becomes easy, problem free and saves time searching for relevant publishers. To increase the relevance of the publishers suggested, make sure you rate them for more accurate daily results. Give yourself back that time to focus on more strategic tasks and learn more about the Publisher Recommendations tool here.

  1. Opportunity Marketplace

If you want to see what other affiliate marketing opportunities are available, without the hassle of joining multiple publisher programs first, Opportunity Marketplace brings every affiliate marketing option into one space. The Opportunity Marketplace can be used most efficiently by using the filtering function to find an opportunity type, sector, region and payment model that suits you. Save time searching for additional marketing opportunities.

“We have secured some great editorial content by using the Opportunity Marketplace and it hasn't required hours of searching or emails. Within just a few days we had the piece of work secured!” Sophie Watson, Growth Marketing Manager at Dr Vegan

  1. Communication Center

Publisher communication is key for any successful affiliate program and it doesn’t have to be too demanding. Our in-platform communication tool means you can communicate directly with your publishers or alternatively on a mass scale - straight from Awin’s user interface. The Communications Center removes the need for third-party technology to handle emails, which not only comes with a huge time saving but also a significant cost saving. The communications can be scheduled to send on a later date allowing you to pre-plan comms. Learn more about how you can make best use of the Communications Center here.

  1. Transaction validation API

Every advertiser knows how time-consuming the validation of sales can be. Automate the transaction approval process by using the Transaction Validation API. This removes the need for manually downloading spreadsheets, editing them and uploading again. Once your system knows what transactions can be confirmed, rejected or amended, the information can be sent to Awin via the API and applied accordingly. Overall, saving time in program management and minimizing human error when handling transactions. Faster sales processing means faster payout to publishers, resulting in a competitive advantage. Find out how to automate the validation process of transactions here.

  1. Commission Manager - Batch functionality

Our final tip to save you time is our newly-launched Commission Manager. This brand-new user interface allows better data viewing with sorting and search. It also shows historical rates of the commission groups. Advertisers can now batch edit, delete and create commission groups and rates.  You can also set up the data in a format that is relevant to you - directly in the UI, rather than having to export it to Excel. Overall, this is a huge time-saving benefit as commission groups can now be edited, deleted and created in bulk rather than doing this one by one. Find out more about our updated Commission Manager here. 

To learn more about leveraging your affiliate program and making best use of our tools, head to the Advertiser Success Center.

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