Awin partners with Moonpull for global affiliate tracking initiative

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Awin’s collaboration with Moonpull demonstrates our ongoing commitment to building the industry’s most diverse and robust affiliate and partner ecosystem.

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Using Moonpull’s unique technology, Awin will globally monitor tracking across more than 21,000 advertisers. Moonpull’s software will then ensure commissions and revenue driven by the channel are protected for Awin's affiliate partners. 

The partnership also enables Awin to efficiently identify, diagnose and respond faster to advertiser tracking question, resulting in increased accurately tracked transactions for our 251,000 affiliate and partner relationships.

How does it work? 

Shortlisted for Best Innovation at next week’s  UK Performance Marketing Awards, Moonpull monitors affiliate links to check the parameters and components for affiliate tracking are set when a user arrives at an advertiser's site. Moonpull then reports the setting of first- and third-party affiliate cookies (including the monitoring of client-side server-to-server tracking implementations) alongside the presence of platform universal tags used for setting tracking cookies. 

It also helps users understand how the performance of these components is impacted by advertisers’ increased use of Consent Management Platforms (cookie banners). 

Moonpull will be particularly effective across Awin as its tracking technology’s capabilities extend to testing links at scale, ensuring that the 21,200 advertisers on our global platform maintain a best-in-class tracking setup across thousands of webpages.  

Paul Stewart, Group Strategic Partnerships Director at Awin, said, "We recognize one of the key contributors to reporting inaccuracy and subsequent commission erosion is the difficulty of jointly monitoring advertiser tracking integrations at scale and in-detail – but success here is key to unlocking continued industry growth. The introduction of Moonpull to our suite of tools will help us more quickly and efficiently monitor the tracking performance across all territories and bring about universal benefits to clients: publishers and brands alike."  

Steve Brown, founder and CEO of Moonpull, said, “We are delighted to be providing a crucial service to a leading global platform at this particular moment in affiliate marketing. Consent platforms -  increasingly used to comply with Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) - and the deprecation of third-party cookies are increasingly compromising the ability to accurately track sales. Moonpull is making it easier for platforms and publishers to monitor and introduce best practices among advertisers to keep the channel working efficiently, resulting in commissions being correctly earned and attributed.”  

Thomas Bilz, Senior Project Manager, Strategic Technologies at Awin, added, "Moonpull is a game-changer for us in analysis of our cookies, MasterTag and other identifiers, especially its interactions with Consent Management Platforms. Moonpull enhances our ability to respond swiftly to ensure our advertisers and publishers continue to experience a world-class service." 

To learn more about best-in-class tracking to enhance your affiliate program, please speak to your Awin account contact or visit our Advertiser Success Center. 

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