Expedited onboarding now available for publishers affected by Amazon changes

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To support publishers that have been impacted by the changes to the Amazon Associates program, Awin is now offering expedited onboarding onto its network. 

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This means that, if you are an Amazon publisher applying to the Awin network or simpl,  your application will be fast tracked and processed within one business day and you can apply for Automated Partnerships - enabling you to quickly diversify your retailer partnerships and switch your links to Awin advertiser products. 

Fast track your onboarding to our network here. 

What are the benefits to being an Awin publisher? 

  • Access to a diverse range of retailers around the world, across a variety of verticals: Signing up to Awin’s global affiliate network gives you access to our diverse portfolio of retailers from around the world, from leading brands to smaller, niche retailers. Now is the perfect opportunity to partner with multiple advertisers, diversifing your revenue streams and ensuring you’re not only reliant on one program. Awin publishers are easily able to search and find advertiser programs to join with our advertiser directory. 
  • Higher commission rates: Working with Awin advertiser programs means having access to high commission rates. For example, where Amazon is currently offering 1% on Health & Personal Care products, SkinStore is offering 8%. Many of our programs will also reward publishers more based on the traffic they are sending, such as with new customers. Switching to Awin provides an effective solution if you are looking to take advantage of higher and more intelligent pay outs.  
  • Longer cookie period: Many Awin advertisers offer a 30-day cookie period or longer, compared to Amazon’s 24-hour cookie period, meaning a higher chance of converting and earning more across a longer period of time.  
  • Fast and frequent payments: We offer up to twice a month pay outs with a minimum threshold of $20. More than 50% of advertisers on Awin are on accelerated payments, meaing that commissions will be paid to publishers directly with their next payment date as soon as sales are validated. More information on the Awin payment process can be found here. 
  • Powerful technological solutions to optimize your activity: By installing our Publisher MasterTag, you’ll have access to Awin’s technology partners that can optimize your earnings through innovative solutions. The Publisher MasterTag also hosts our Tracking Optimization Plugin and Bounceless Tracking, ensuring your affiliate links always use the best tracking method available to respect consumer privacy and decrease page load times, among other benefits. 

Publishers affected by Amazon’s changes or simply looking to diversify their revenue efforts are invited to have their onboarding on to the Awin network fast tracked here

Learn more about signing up as a publisher to the Awin network here, and if you have any questions, our publisher success team is available to support.

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