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Join Awin at Digiday’s Modern Retail Virtual Forum to uncover some of e-commerce’s biggest blind spots and how to solve them with affiliate marketing.

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2020 has been a year of extreme change and transformation across the board and digital commerce is no exception, with the industry being asked to step up in ways it has not had to before. At Digiday’s Modern Retail Virtual Forum, attendees will explore what retail’s new normal looks like and how successful brands are not only surviving but thriving.

Awin is thrilled to serve as a sponsor and speaker of this year’s Modern Retail Virtual Forum and help shine a light on the current digital landscape, as well as the subsequent challenges and successes we’ve seen. We invite you to join Awin’s Global Strategy Director Kevin Edwards for his session on August 10 at 1:15pm EST, "E-commerce blind spots to know about and how to solve them."

In this special session, Kevin will show you how affiliate marketing is best placed to solve some of e-commerce’s most difficult data points – including tracking, reporting, attribution and personalization -  to ultimately achieve 16:1 ROAS.

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