Join Awin and ShareASale at Traffic & Conversion Summit

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Connect with the Awin Group to discuss new digital marketing tactics that produce results.

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Traffic & Conversion Summit is a premier conference for digital marketers to learn what's new, hot and working in digital marketing right now.

At this year’s conference, advertisers and agencies can meet with Awin and ShareASale across the three days to learn how our leading martech platforms can help your business generate more ecommerce sales and revenue with affiliate marketing.

Serving as the Agency Masterclass sponsor and an exhibitor, here are all the ways to connect with us at T&C:

Exhibit hall

Centrally-located on the exhibit hall floor next to the Masterclass stage, speak to our Awin and ShareASale team members at booth F16 to learn how you can leverage our robust partnership opportunities, dynamic marketing strategies and innovative technologies for more sales and revenue at an average 16:1 return on investment.


We are thrilled to present four speakers representing the Awin Group at T&C:

How businesses are using affiliate partnerships to accelerate their marketing innovation | Alexandra Forsch, US President | September 27 at 11:15am PST

In an online marketplace of infinite choice, ensuring your company website offers the best customer experience is key to success. New digital marketing technologies are revolutionizing ecommerce at rapid speed, but keeping up with this rapid pace of change traditionally requires huge internal investment or strategic acquisitions. Affiliate partnerships offer a way of accessing these cutting-edge technologies to enhance your own site on a simple, risk-free, performance model. Join Awin US president Alexandra Forsch to find out how the partnerships channel is helping accelerate marketing innovations.

Affiliate marketing agency crash course | Rachel Tyrer, US Partnership Development Director | September 27 at 11:40am PST

Are you a digital marketing or PR agency looking to further expand your clients’ brand awareness and further help them acquire new customers? Awin US Partnership Development Director Rachel Tyrer will teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing - a performance-based model where ecommerce businesses partner with different online voices to grow online and only pay for results. Leave this session with a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is, the technology and publisher types crucial to success, and more.

Maximizing your influencer marketing ROI | Carissa Flinders, Influencer Partnerships Team Lead | September 29 at 11:15am PST

New platforms, changing algorithms and an ever-evolving landscape make it increasingly difficult to track the performance of influencer campaigns. As return on investment continues to be a primary challenge for digital marketers and brands, it’s more important than ever to find ways to determine impact and measure the value of influencer marketing efforts. In this session, learn how likes and comments translate to clicks and sales; why tracking and attribution via the affiliate channel can resolve your influencer measurement and ROI dilemmas; ways to leverage influencers as Carissa is a data-driven marketing professional with diverse experience across PR, influencer + affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and social. She brings over six years of experience to the table, working for consumer brands such as Solly Baby and She has since moved to the network side, and currently serves as Team Lead, Influencer Partnerships for leading global affiliate platform Awin.

Connecting to the ecommerce marketing hub | Chris Rueckert, ShareASale Head of Product | September 29 at 11:40am PST

With the internet of things, we've seen smart devices where a household hub can automatically turn lights on at sunset and off when it's time for bed. A hub that allows people to build automations which save time and create efficiency. We are now in age where the next generation of marketing technology improves our ability to run campaigns at scale by creating connectivity between previously disparate systems - the ad network; the merchant’s ecommerce platform and the publisher’s CMS - to enable automation and efficiency. This talk explores how today's newly- released connectivity tools, such as ShareASale's Shopify plugin, enables marketers to scale their affiliate campaigns before exploring what tomorrow's tools might look like and the potential impact on the industry.

Additional ways to connect: 

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