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Inspired by the knowledge of the health and skincare practitioners, ESPA Skincare aims to help you feel your best every day, for you to have naturally-beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm. ESPA is part of The Hut Group – winner of International Growth Retailer of the Year at the Retail Week Awards 2017.  On Awin, ESPA has performed particularly well with a wide variety of affiliates, including Honey, Ebates and Skimlinks. 

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Image courtesy of ESPA

What makes the ESPA affiliate program different from that of other health and beauty brands?

ESPA is one of the biggest names in the spa industry and has pioneered the science of natural beauty, combining the purest natural ingredients from around the world. Loved by our customers all around the world, our Tri-Active™ formulations contain unique combinations of plant actives, marine actives and essential oils to create the most effective, natural products.

Whether in the spa or at home, our carefully crafted products will help you to have beautiful skin and feel your very best every day.

Are you running any special promotions in March publishers should be aware of?

As our ESPA treat to affiliates, we are offering an exclusive 15% off for new customers using code: ESPA15. 

Additionally, we are running a publisher contest throughout the month of March.  Any new affiliate who generates the most orders per new customers throughout March could win a bonus prize of $500.

Image courtesy of ESPA

Why did you join Awin?

We are looking for new, exciting partners to join ESPA and what better to place to find them then across the Awin network? Whether it's a publisher, blogger, vlogger – we are looking for high quality affiliates to help us take this brand to the next level and Awin will help us do that.

What are some of your favorite features of the Awin platform?

The CPA model can sometimes lack flexibility; appreciating the early funnel influence remains difficult when rewarding on a last-click model. As a content led brand, Awin's ‘Pay per Influence’ technology is one of ESPA’s favorite features – appreciating the efforts of editorial publishers who may have driven a click but was not the last referrer or the winning publisher on the last-click basis.

How has Awin contributed to the success of the ESPA program?

The affiliate industry is always evolving with innovation, keeping pace with digital trends. ESPA’s main KPI is growing our brand awareness and driving new customer acquisition. Awin has therefore allowed us to keep up with this movement, helping to strengthen ESPA’s digital strategy and enabling us to share our story through a variety of premium publishers.

Interested in partnering with ESPA? Please contact Bryony Frith or Phoebe Leitch at ESPA or Molly Garza at Awin.

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