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Stop paying retail prices and save 50-90% on everything with, a hot spot for budgeting and getting the most for your money.

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Started as a hobby to share deals with friends, quickly grew into a profitable business. In less than a year, word spread about the website and soon, thousands of people were saving money by finding coupons and deals on MyBargainBuddy. 

Why and when was MyBargainBuddy created?

In 1999, I got my first computer and instantly discovered online shopping. There were so many great deals to be had with online coupons and clearance merchandise. Impressed by the bargains I was scooping up, my friends asked me to share where I was finding them all. I started with an email chain and when that grew to 100+ people, many of whom I didn’t even know, I decided it would be easier to post the deals on a webpage. That single page site eventually grew into a business that allowed me to help others save money and earn a living while staying home with my 3 kids.

In what way does MyBargainBuddy utilize Affiliate Marketing?

I list deals and coupons for stores I have an affiliate relationship with.

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience?

My shoppers love doorbuster-type deals. They shop year-round for holiday gifts and products for themselves. They also look to MyBargainBuddy to discover new stores and products that they might not already be familiar with.

How does MyBargainBuddy differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space?

MyBargainBuddy only lists about a dozen new deals and/or coupons on any given day. This keeps the content from being overwhelming for shoppers and also helps merchants stand out. 

This year marks MyBargainBuddy’s 20th year in business. Over that time, my site has been featured in the media by outlets such as Huffpost, BuzzFeed, Real Simple Magazine, CNN, and many others. I frequently contribute to articles written about saving money, budgeting, and shopping hacks. These articles provide a constant stream of fresh traffic, including people who might be new to online discount shopping.

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join and what do you look for in an advertiser partner?

I like working with advertisers that are hands-on with their affiliates. When they can work with me to provide coupons or product deals that will appeal to my shoppers, that allows me more time to focus on generating content around their brand.

What are benefits for advertisers working with MyBargainBuddy?

Most of my readers are in “discovery” mode when they visit my site. Since the deals and coupons I post are random, sales generated by MyBargainBuddy are typically from consumers that aren’t anywhere near the sales funnel. Because of this, I deliver a higher than average rate of new-to-file customers.

What is the best way that an advertiser can help support their partnership with you?

If an advertiser has inventory they want to blow out, I am always happy to help with that! Products that are at least 65% off and ship free or have a low flat rate shipping fee convert best. I’m also happy to accept an exclusive coupon in exchange for placements.

Why did you join the Awin and ShareASale networks, and what features do you enjoy?

I joined ShareASale many, many years ago when there were only 3 big networks. I really appreciate how they have updated their platform over the years to make building links and finding and joining programs a snap. I joined AWIN a few years ago after meeting Jeannine Crooks. I figured with a rep that fantastic, the network had to be great, too! :)

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