Publisher Spotlight: RevLifter

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RevLifter is an award-winning personalization technology partner. 

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RevLifter engages the right customer at the right time while they shop on your site, in a way that delivers on a brand’s goals while improving customer experience and relationships.

What are the benefits to working with you in the affiliate channel?

By working through Awin and ShareASale, in many cases, there is no integration required, there are no long term commitments and we are paid through your existing commission structure. In short, there is little to no risk to partner with RevLifter. Let us prove our value to you and drive up AOV and CR for your program.

What sets your program apart from others in your niche?

RevLifter takes a “surgical” approach, whereas other tech partners try to engage every customer on a brand’s site to get credit for a sale. Additionally, our RevPage product is like nothing else in the market. RevPage is a personalized deal/offers page that lives on the brand's domain. This page is designed to reengage customers that leave a brand’s site and search through Google. No other tech partner in the space offers this type of product.

What is your favorite part about working with Awin and ShareASale? Do you have a favorite tool or feature?

We may be a bit biased here, but our favorite feature is our technical integration with Awin and ShareASale. Due to our unique partnership, many (if not most) advertisers on Awin and a growing number of ShareASale clients do not have to place our tag on their site. Our technology can be turned on at the network level. This is a massive benefit to brands looking to work with tech partners and allows RevLifter to drive incremental revenue for our partners even faster.

What makes a great partner in your eyes, and what kind of partners are you looking to work with?

We look to partner with brands that are able and willing to test new and meaningful ways to engage customers. We pride ourselves on driving incremental value for our partners and love to run tests to prove our value. Brands do not need to be coupon focused or coupon heavy to work with us. Our technology can accommodate brands across all verticals.

In addition to what you consider to be a great partner, how do you measure success of said great partnership?

Measuring success is often dependent on the brand's goals we are aiming for. In many cases, however, through A/B testing and incremental measurement of KPIs we can easily determine if our activities are successful.

Do you have any fun plans for your program’s future?

Oh yeah! We have a lot planned for Q4 and early 2021… stay tuned to hear more, but we’re about to take the game to a whole new level.

Do you have any advice for those who are new to affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic channel. Unlike any other digital marketing channel, you have the opportunity to affordably engage in digital marketing efforts across the spectrum. Everything from email, SEM, SEO, social, influencer, technology and more can be leveraged through hundreds, even thousands, of affiliate partnerships. Be sure to network, network, network! Reach out to others in the space and learn what you can. Be open to testing new partnerships and do not be afraid to fight for a seat at the table within your own organization.

How are you planning to keep the momentum going for continued affiliate program success in Q3 and Q4?

RevLifter is working with brands and networks to continue massive momentum from Q3 right into Q4. RevLifter offers special support and initiatives for the holiday timeframe, with a focus around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Reach out to for more information on Q4 holiday plans.

What does affiliate marketing mean to you?

Partnerships. Truly successful affiliate marketing programs are made up of true partnerships, where brands and publishers work together for mutual success. Affiliate marketing is a unique channel with unlimited potential.

What type of performance can brands expect when working with RevLifter?

Performance varies across brands and verticals based on the level of partnership. That said, we hope to see at least 10%-20% lift in CR and AOVs when compared to other partners and digital channels.

Interested in working with RevLifter? Please contact our publisher management team.

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