Awin Talks: Interview with the 2018 UK Apprentice winner, and Meet the Market visits Spain

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We speak to Sian Gabbidon about launching her own fashion brand and using affiliate marketing to support its online growth.

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This month on the Awin Talks podcast we feature a special guest interview with Sian Gabbidon, 2018 winner of the UK TV show The Apprentice and an entrepreneur who has launched her own beach and loungewear brand, Sian has been one of the early pioneers of Awin’s Access solution which is connecting micro-SMEs and small businesses with affiliate partners to help grow their online profile and sales. In this interview, we speak to Sian about her background before winning the TV competition, the challenges of launching her own fashion brand online and how affiliates have helped her successfully grow her own business.

In the latest installment of our regular Meet the Market feature, we head out to Spain and speak to Corrado Rota, Director Southern Europe for the publisher business Global Savings Group. Corrado reveals what he thinks distinguishes the digital ad industry in Spain from elsewhere around the world, and discusses some of the dilemmas and opportunities that characterize the Spanish affiliate industry in particular right now.

Co-hosts Rob, Kevin and Craig discuss a recent article analyzing Awin’s performance over the first six months of the year, and what it tells us about the state of the affiliate industry currently. They also highlight the exclusive partnership between Awin and Button, which is helping brands track mobile app installs and transactions more transparently than ever before.

And finally, The Awin Report 2020 gets a localized version with the release of a special German edition, featuring in-depth analysis of the DACH market and local interviews, as well as a special launch webinar presentation that highlights some of the new content it features.

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