Awin Talks: Interview with Genie Goals and introducing our influencer expert

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Awin Talks is back with episode nine and puts Genie Goals' Rahcel Said in the hot seat. 

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This month, Rob and Craig co-host the Awin Talks podcast with Carina Toledo, Awin’s influencer partnerships manager, and discover more on the state of influencer marketing in the affiliate channel. Carina also participates in our very first Publisher Picks segment, highlighting two publishers on the network to make a note of and how brands can collaborate with them.

Dawn Quigg, Awin’s UK client services director, then takes on interviewing duties for us and has the pleasure of speaking to Rachel Said, head of affiliates at Genie Goals - a UK performance marketing agency. Rachel has worked within the industry for many years, building up a wealth of experience in advertiser, network and now agency roles. Dawn asks Rachel about what she’s learned from those varying perspectives, how the affiliate industry has changed during the time she’s worked in it and what she envisages it looking like in the future.

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