Awin Talks: ISBA’s Programmatic Transparency Study interview, and Australia affiliate market profile

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On this episode we interview key figures at ISBA about their research on the programmatic sector and learn more about how affiliate marketing works Down Under.

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 ISBA is the trade body representing UK advertisers, and it recently made waves in the digital media industry following the publication of its in-depth investigation of ad spend in the programmatic sector. In a first-of-its-kind study, the trade body worked with PwC to track advertiser investment from one end of this notoriously complex supply chain to the other. The research undertaken represented a monumental effort involving many months of analysis and negotiation, and we speak to two of ISBA’s senior heads to understand more about the report’s findings and its implications for digital advertising.  

Steve Chester, Director of Media, and Clare O’Brien, Head of Media Effectiveness and Performance at ISBA join us to discuss this at length, and it makes for a fascinating view on the inner workings of the programmatic space. 

In addition to this conversation, we launch a brand new podcast feature called "Meet the Market," where we interview key figures from one of Awin’s global markets to understand more about how affiliate and digital marketing works on the ground in different regions.  

For this first edition, we head to Australia and speak to Awin’s own Sophie Metcalfe and Commission Factory’s Emma Bhatti, both based in Sydney, to find out what distinguishes the Australian market.  

Finally, co-hosts Kevin, Craig and Rob have just enough time to also discuss Awin’s recent virtual OMR session on attribution, and how strategic partner SingleView is helping clients to understand the effectiveness of their ad spend. 

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