Awin Talks: US data law discussion, worldwide ad spend figures, gaming reviews on TripAdvisor and Amazon

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In episode four of our global Awin Talks podcast, Kevin interviews US digital media attorney Gary Kibel.

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The discuss more about data privacy laws there and how they may affect online businesses. Specially, Kevin and Gary discuss the California Privacy Act, an initiative that first came to light in December 2017. This initiative 'establishes new consumer privacy rights and expands liability' for businesses regarding consumer data breaches.

Among the specific points covered during their interview: 

  • How 'personal information' is defined under the Act: Browsing and search history, geo-location data, and more
  • How this personal information provides the scope for which individuals can sue businesses when their data has been breached
  • Ammendments to the Act already in place and what's to come before the law is fully implemented on January 1, 2020
  • What the Act means for the greater US digital advertising landscape

The Awin Talks team also discuss the case of the Italian man recently jailed for selling fraudulent reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as the news that some Amazon employees have been bribed to delete negative product reviews. Finally, Craig quizzes Rob and Kevin on their knowledge of current worldwide ad spend figures that have been recently published by eMarketer.

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