Growing baskets 15% with Envolve Tech customer assistance AI

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With over 60% of onsite queries failing to yield conversions, Envolve Tech empowers brands to leverage customer assistance AI to support revenue growth.

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Every Interaction is An Opportunity

In today’s ever-accelerating world, customers expect real-time, relevant and smart assistance from the brands they love. 

For marketers, every one of these interactions is an opportunity to enhance customer experience, deliver value, and drive growth. 

However, with over 60% of onsite queries failing to yield conversions, it’s clear that many brands struggle to meet the fast-moving needs of digital consumers. 

Service With a Sale (At Scale)

Inspired by these challenges and opportunities, Envolve Tech empowers brands to leverage customer assistance AI, resolve queries instantly 24/7, and serve contextual product recommendations at scale. 

Best of all, as a pre-integrated Awin technology partner, Envolve Tech can be:

  • Activated in just hours via turnkey deployment
  • With no technical, engineering or development requirements
  • Paid for on a pure CPA basis
  • With no fixed-term contract, setup fees or subscriptions

Proven Return on Intelligence 

For brands seeking to improve both user experience and grow revenues, Envolve Tech is a unique opportunity to simply experience, and measure the ROI benefits of, customer assistance AI. Since launching with Awin in 2019, Envolve Tech has delivered significant performance gains for its clients, these include:

  • An average AOV uplift of 15%
  • Converting an additional 5-8% of site visitors 
  • 98% message response accuracy
"Integrating with the Awin MasterTag has helped speed up onboarding considerably, making our unique technology easily accessible to advertisers across the network."  Daniel Harding, Head of Business Development, Envolve Tech

The Customer is Always Right

A disruptor brand in the highly competitive vacuum market were eager to find a way to optimise customer service and maximise onsite conversion. 

Envolve Tech’s performance-model AI therefore represented a perfect low-risk, rapid-activation solution, to meet these needs. 

Just months after activating via the Awin Mastertag, Envolve Tech has:

  • Delivered five-figure sales revenues 
  • Resolved over one-thousand customer queries 

All measured and paid for on the standard Awin programme CPA rates. 

"Activating Envolve Tech via the Awin MasterTag is one of the quickest wins a brand can make. The low-risk CPA model is perfect for businesses seeking to understand the incremental value of customer assistance AI. Whether it’s to enhance user experience, or simply grow conversions, Envolve Tech should be part of every performance marketer’s stack." James Bentley, UK Strategy Director, Awin

If you are a retailer looking to launch an affiliate programme and activate Enolve Tech's customer assistance AI, please contact the team here.