Three technology partners that will boost your customers’ baskets this Golden Quarter

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Make the most of every sale: Serve customers the best product bundles and boost AOV with the help of AI-powered, fully integrated partners on Awin.

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Unlock the power of #AwinningPartnerships to boost basket value and makes the most of every sale

For our latest feature on Awin’s technology partners available within the Awin MasterTag, we spotlight three partners whose intelligent, highly personalised solutions are influencing sales and increasing AOV for brands across the globe. Just in time for peak season planning, Increasingly, Particular Audience and RevLifter share how they can each enhance an advertiser’s Golden Quarter earnings with their innovative solutions, designed to boost basket value and offer sophisticated AI-bundling and product recommendations. With Awin, advertisers can outsource these innovative solutions and tap into the unlocked potential these AI-powered partners provide through seamless, efficient integration within the Awin MasterTag. 

So far this year, Increasingly, Particular Audience and RevLifter collectively have driven 342,047 sales for our brands, increasing sales by +114%, rising basket value for partnered brands by +118% - that’s more than €43.5m in additional basket value.

Increasingly is an AI-powered product bundling platform, whose market leading cross-selling technology offers brands bespoke personalised opportunities and has garnered several industry accolades from the Performance Marketing Awards, the Drum Digital Search Awards and the European Search Awards. 

Particular Audience’s best-in-class AI-powered product bundling technology enables brands to personalise each customer’s journey for a seamless customer experience. This is through automated bundling, product recommendations and more, driving an AOV uplift of up to 60% for its partners. 

RevLifter’s mutli-award winning technology enables brands across all verticals to launch AI and data-driven, personalised offers and content across their entire customer journey, driving acquisition, conversions, sales, retention and more. 


What sets Increasingly apart from the competition? 

"At Increasingly boosting average order value is in our DNA - delivering average AOV increases of 33% - we built our algorithms with this as our number one metric. Advertisers have to make the shopping experience as seamless and convenient as possible and our on-site product bundling and recommendation features are designed to ensure your customers are getting a convenient shopping experience while also delivering incremental revenue."

Sri Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, Increasingly 

How can brands benefit from working with Particular Audience? 

“Particular Audience is helping retailers increase their basket size by up to 60% via AI-powered bundles. Our 1-click add-to-cart solution gives customers what they want, faster! We are a privacy-first solution, only leveraging 100% anonymous item data. Particular Audience provides an enterprise managed service, with no upfront costs.” 

Fars Ghoitom, Business Development Manager EMEA, Particular Audience 

What’s unique about RevLifter’s offering to brands who want to increase each customer’s basket? 

"RevLifter's point of differentiation is being able to increase AOV through hyper-personalisation. Take 'Spend and Save', available on both RevConvert (trigger-based overlays) and RevWallet (an intuitive on-site deal hub), which offers a small discount in return for the customer spending more. Customers see totally different deals depending on their cart value. If they're checking out with £40, a progress bar might encourage them to 'Spend £10 more for 5% off'. If they're spending £90, the discount will be bigger. Providing a realistic target is key to us boosting AOV by an average of +20% and up to 80% in some cases.” 

Alasdair Glen, Customer Success Director, RevLifter  

How do I get started? 

All of our technology partners are pre-vetted and have been carefully selected by our Global Strategic Partnerships team to make sure Awin advertisers are partnering with the most effective, innovative solutions that will deliver value for their affiliate programme. Increasingly, Particular Audience and RevLifter are integrated with the Awin MasterTag, meaning your brand can simply plug-in to the technology and explore the power of these basket-value boosting partners within three to four weeks of activation. Please note, brands must have over 80k unique monthly visitors to work with these partners. 

Aside from easy-integration with our partners, brands can tap into these basket value-boosting technologies with low-risk as these partners work on a CPA basis or can be enabled via a fixed monthly fee. This allows you to try and test new partners and new solutions that fit your specific needs, all without heavy commitment, costly set-up or huge investment. 

Unlock the power of #AwinningPartnerships to boost basket value and makes the most of every sale

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