COVID-19 and the continued growth of the adult/erotic accessories industry

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Although this is a tough period for many industries, some show a continued growth.

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Marketing partially follows culture rather than setting it. In the modern marketing landscape, we derive our understanding of consumer desire from large scale data. Our assumptions don’t so much matter.

For many industries the data comes from several points of visibility. For example, fashion trends can be observed on the street, on any number of social media platforms and in traditional editorial content consumption. We can track desire across all of these platforms. This can similarly be done with travel and certain types of tech.

For several reasons, we do not have as many obvious indicator when it comes to adult/erotic accessories. Pure sales data is a must for determining segment desire here. One of the best aggregators of such data is the affiliate industry. Affiliate Marketing is a sales focused channel.

Affiliate marketing is a major contributor

Awin has seen marked growth in the adult/erotic accessories segment during the height of our current COVID-19 stay at home orders and recommendations. The Awin advertiser data reviewed represents Top of Market Advertiser channel performance.  This performance was measured from March through April.

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The Nordics at a glance

Lately, we are seeing more and more data related to adult/erotic accessories. While the industry has been on a steady upward trajectory for several years, we are now seeing extraordinary growth. It is apparent that this growth is tied directly to increased time spent at home and decreased interpersonal interactions.

In Sweden and Denmark there have been a number of advertisers reporting a marked growth in sales since social distancing began. RFSU has reported a monthly sales increase of 40%. Mshop has likewise seen a sharp increase in online sales. From the date that the Swedish health agency challenged those whom are able to work from home, sales are up nearly 30%.

The data makes it clear. The adult/erotic accessories industry is in full stride online. Affiliate marketing, being a cross platform marketing channel will continue to play a major role is this industries growth.


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