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Molly is a shopping assistant, which gives users tips for better shopping online. Perhaps it already happens when they shop at your webshop? Find out more! 

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Molly is a fast-growing shopping assistant, which gives users great tips for better shopping while shopping online on Safari or Chrome. Molly can give users tips on everything from contact information, suggestions for better purchases on other sites, reviews and warnings for the current site and optional discount codes.

When you partner with Molly, competitors can not influence your visitors. At the same time, Molly tries to tailor its communication to your visitors in order to increase conversion.

Most importantly: Molly moves traffic directly from competitors to your site. But only if it's in the user's interest - Molly does not interfere for fun!

What types of products / offers perform best for you?

Everyone can benefit from Molly, and we are happy to provide you with specific examples. However, Molly is a particularly powerful tool for manufacturers / brands with their own webshop as well as smaller players, because we can enter into a direct dialogue with your desired target group while they visit your large and popular competitor's website. All it requires is that you can offer users something that your big competitor cannot.

 How do you differentiate yourself from competitors within the affiliate space?

We differentiate ourselves by being a fully-fledged shopping assistant and not just a discount code machine. We help our partners creatively by moving traffic from the strongest competitors in the areas where they are weak.

 What are the key factors that determine which programs you choose to collaborate with and what are you looking for in an advertiser partner?

Everyone needs Molly. And that's why everyone is welcome. If in doubt, test us…

 What are the benefits for advertisers working with you?

Our advertisers can communicate to potential customers on pages that no one normally has the opportunity to communicate on. For example on competitors' websites, in organic search results, in product tests and price comparisons, etc. In addition, they gain control over how Molly communicates to visitors on their own webshop.

Here's an example of how Molly has helped an advertiser move traffic to their site. A growth of + 1600% in the number of visitors over a period of only 1 week. It has succeeded by targeting messages about a good offer to the users who visit competing sites.

 What is the best way an advertiser can help support the partnership with you?

By telling us about its biggest competitors as well as its own strengths, where the competitors are weakest. If the advertiser is willing to move users from competitors to their own site through discounts or other advantages, we would also like to enter into a dialogue about this. For the particularly persistent advertiser, we have a short questionnaire that we recommend answering.

What do you like best about Awin and why did you join?

Great international advertisers who make it easier for us to establish Molly in other countries. And then it just means everything to have one good contact person who responds quickly and competently. And thank you for that, Tina Vukovic.

Do you have any upcoming campaigns, new launches or exciting news that you could share?

Would you also like to be able to communicate directly to the users who have left your webshop with a full and unpaid shopping cart? We will follow your users to the next webshop. And soon we can automatically lure them back to complete the purchase on your webshop.

Has there been any decisive change or turning points in your business and your affiliate activities in the last 12 months? If so, what was it?

It's a turning point every time we get the chance to explain the possibilities in Molly to a potential advertiser. Because if you have not installed Molly (, it is difficult to understand the possibilities of being able to whisper consumers in the ear on brand new web pages. We get really positive responses, but the opportunities are also overwhelming for many. Therefore, it is primarily about saying yes to Molly so that we can pick the low-hanging fruit for you as an advertiser. And then we can expand the possibilities along the way as the ideas arise.

If you do not think a partnership with Molly is beneficial for your company, then we would very much like to challenge that view. Write to

Are you interested in collaborating with Molly? Invite Molly to your program here.

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