Publisher Spotlight: Stepler

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The health app Stepler encourages users to exercise by providing them with awards. Learn how your brand can be a valuable part of the customer's health journey.

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Stepler is a health app and marketplace combined. By converting the users’ steps into points that become a virtual currency redeemable towards exclusive rewards on their partners products and services. They strive to motivate and reward their users to stay active by incentivizing a more active every day living. In short, a world-class conversion as well as a branding channel!

What types of products / offers perform best for you?

Well known brands and exclusive offers from segments such as subscription services, cosmetics & fashion, sports & activewear, electronics & home decor usually perform well for us.

How do you differentiate yourself from competitors within the affiliate space?

Our users continuously use Stepler for one main reason - they know that they will be rewarded. We strive to always ensure that our rewards are fun, motivating and exclusive and our users know this and trust us. This is one of the reasons why our users usually are more motivated and have a greater incentive to convert when redeeming an offer through Stepler compared to those other channels.

What are the key factors that determine which programs you choose to collaborate with and what are you looking for in an advertiser partner?

We’re looking for advertiser partners that want to take part in rewarding a healthier lifestyle while reaching new customers and sales by providing exclusive offers on their products and services.

What are the benefits for advertisers working with you?

We provide options for flexible and innovative awareness- and conversion driving campaigns throughout the purchasing funnel, we keep the onboarding process as simple and straightforward as possible and our aim is to ensure that all partnerships are win-win-wins!

What is the best way an advertiser can help support the partnership with you?

Trusting our know-how when it comes to our users wants, needs and behaviors. We are confident that we know how to best take advantage of our channel based on needs and target KPI’s of any campaign/advertiser. That being said, we love to be flexible and we’re always open to new ideas and to finding new innovative ways to work together with our advertisers.

What do you like best about Awin and why did you join?

We like the fact that Awin provides clear and prompt communication and flexibility. We plan on expanding to several new markets in the near future and believe that Awin will be a valuable partner to bring with us on this journey.

Do you have any upcoming campaigns, new launches or exciting news that you could share?

We are soon launching an extensive app update with a full redesign that will provide for both a smoother user experience and will add lots of new engaging and retention-driving features to the app.

Has there been any decisive change or turning points in your business and your affiliate activities in the last 12 months? If so, what was it?

In the past twelve months we’ve expanded our user base and launched the app in Norway, Germany and Poland. We’ve also been able to utilize more functions, activating new activities and as a result we have found lots of new ways to bring added value to our partners throughout the purchasing funnel.

Are you interested in collaborating with Stepler? Invite Stepler to your program here.

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