Awin Talks: The state of digitalization featuring Henric Smolak

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In this wide-ranging discussion with Henric Smolak, Co-founder and CRO at Strossle, we address the subject of how affiliate marketing can help publishers and advertisers combat the loss of choice presented by Facebook, Google and other mass media players.

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The episode also covers how the diversity of content provided by affiliate publishers could be an invaluable tool for advertisers as they attempt to build a relationship with their prospective and current customer base.

Benjamin Mullen elaborates:
“Structures are necessary for the all-important factor of scalability. Innovation is not really a structural issue at this point within affiliate marketing. In fact, the digital tracking and payment structures within affiliate marketing are so solid that a major issue within the industry is education being unable to keep up with innovative channel methodologies. As I have stated before, potential KPIs are legion. As a result of publisher innovation, that number is rising year after year. If you are of the belief that the next big thing needs to be innovated in order for your program to take-off, consider the app ecosystem. Year after year, people gripe about the level of innovation coming from Apple with regard to the iPhone. With each new product group, Apple makes minor aesthetic changes along with a system update or two. In focusing on this, we lose sight of the innovation made possible by apple system consistency. Innovation that presents itself in multitudinous life altering apps. The real question is: do we know how to use the innovation in front of us?”

Why Strossle can offer us a unique perspective:
Strossle offers publishers a unique method of monetizing inventory within editorial content. For advertisers, it offers an ability to reach consumers within relevant content. While this is somewhat of a simplification of the full Strossle offering, it does give some background as to why Henrik’s insights are directly relevant.

There are many differing opinion regarding the state of digital marketing and what structure is necessary for its longevity. Awin Talks offers a platform for much needed discussion with an aim at industry edification. Hear the full discussion here on Awin Talks.

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