Awin Talks: Taking control of personal data with Gener8

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We chat to Sam Jones, founder of the privacy-focused browser Gener8, about how partnerships are helping their users earn rewards from their personal data.

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On the new episode of Awin Talks, we got a chance to speak to the founder of Gener8, an innovative new web browser that is helping individual users take control of their personal data. When browsing online on Gener8, consumers can choose whether to surf the web in privacy mode, without any of their data being shared, or they can opt for rewards mode, where their data is shared in exchange for brand discounts and store credits. 

Gener8’s founder, Sam Jones, came to national attention in the UK following his successful pitch to investors on the popular BBC entrepreneur programme, Dragons Den. Sam’s passion for the Gener8 solution and its mission to better empower users while browsing the internet really comes through in our chat as he describes the origins of the company, the problems with the existing ad tech model, and how affiliate partnerships with brands are vital to its success. 

Gener8 are just one of several innovative partners that feature in our ‘Enabling Ethical Ecommerce’ chapter in our Awin Report 2022: Power 100 list. This week on the podcast, hosts Rob and Kevin take a closer look at this topic, discussing what it means from an affiliate perspective, and why it seems to be a growing trend within the wider industry. 

In addition, the duo discuss the economic pressures facing consumers and businesses alike following huge rises in inflation, and how that may affect affiliate marketing tactics right now. And they also take a look at the significance of Klarna’s recent acquisition of comparison site PriceRunner, and how that further bolsters the BNPL’s desire to become a ‘super app’ for consumers. 

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