Smartphone Trends: Part Two

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In part one of our mobile and smartphone trends update we analysed local smartphone data and drew some general conclusions about why certain territories around the world have embraced buying on handsets more than others. In this second part of our series we delve beyond the top level data and assess how more granular insights can help us to better understand general trends within affiliate marketing.

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With any aspect of affiliate marketing the single biggest mistake people can make is to draw general conclusions and assume that because they may treat it as a single channel alongside their email, search and display marketing, it is a homogenous entity.

An appreciation of the nuances and variances of affiliate traffic is one such area; think of affiliate as digital in microcosm and, as such, it’s impossible to generalise. With smartphone clicks and sales we now have an additional layer of data to consider.

A good starting place is to simply identify the percentage splits of performance metrics for each of a campaign’s affiliates; one of the easiest ways to understand the range of activity on that programme.

And in doing so it helps build an understanding about how those affiliates should be approached and how they operate.

When we look at data from the network across our top 500 affiliates and advertisers (for statistical relevance we have removed many of the smaller performers so they do not produce outliers), we can see some interesting general smartphone trends that we’ll explore in this report.

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